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Every company needs a honest leader to stand up, speak the truth about wastewater, and turn the company’s steering wheel to the right way. You can be that one, who will save your company a fortune, while also helping the environment.

When UAB “LZT Consulting” and its experienced consultants began its activity, we were thinking about the people who represent our client companies: the CEO, CTO, and the production managers working at industrial organizations. In our eyes, they are leaders who challenge organizational inertia and convince their companies to invest in modern wastewater treatment solutions. By doing so, they help optimize the use of resources thereby saving their companies a fortune. And they also help reduce humanity’s negative footprint on the environment. Most of issues in company begin in leader’s mind. Every leader is an expert in his own field. Wastewater treatment is undiscovered world for most of people in this Earth. This is what UAB “LZT Consulting” is for!
From the very beginning, we decided to offer market industrial wastewater treatment plants in a different way.

Everything we do

From the project research to the best technological solution – is optimized to produce a better ROI (return of investment) for our clients. We’re not selling you a business expense. We’re offering you a bullet-proof investment opportunity.

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